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On-Demand vs. Scheduled vs. Estimates
On-Demand vs. Scheduled vs. Estimates

Whether you need a job done now or you're still shopping around, HOMEE has an option for you. Learn about the different job types here.

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When it comes to HOMEE jobs, you have several options to fit any home

maintenance project. In this article, you’ll learn about the difference between on-demand jobs, scheduled jobs, and estimates.


When you request a job, we'll send your request to our network of Pros immediately by default. This means your Pro will leave for the jobsite as soon as possible after accepting your request. In most cases, a Pro will be on-site within two hours of requesting. If you're not quite ready for work to begin, consider scheduling a job request instead.


If you're not quite ready for a Pro to arrive, you can schedule your request up to seven days ahead of time. When you request a job, choose the date and one-hour arrival window that works best for you. We'll send your request to our network of Pros two hours before your scheduled time. Your Pro will arrive within your arrival window and begin work.


If you want a specific price for your project before getting started, you can request an estimate. You can schedule your estimate or request it on-demand. Your matched Pro will complete a detailed estimate when he arrives at the job site. Each estimate includes a recommended solution, time estimate, and flat rate price for labor and materials. After receiving the estimate, you have 14 days to accept or decline. If you choose to accept, the same Pro will complete your project for the agreed-upon price.

Now that you’re an expert on the different types of HOMEE jobs, you're officially ready to request a job.

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