How to Request a Job

Once you create a HOMEE account, you can request home service any time, and up to a week in advance.

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Request a Job

Request or redeem service

Need service at your home, rental, or property? We can help! Based on your location, you'll see the services available in your market when you log in to the HOMEE app. Before you get started, add a credit card to your account to pay for the job. Once this has been added, choose the service that aligns with the job you need completed from the home screen under the Request Service tab.

You can also redeem a service for products purchased from one of our retail partners under the Redeem Service tab. Select the company you bought the product from, enter the order number from your receipt or email, and then follow the subsequent steps for requesting a job.

Choose a reason

Select a service? Great! To give us more insight into the type of service needed, select a reason for the request. Do you need something installed? Is something broken and in need of a repair? Is an estimate needed? Or do you want general maintenance conducted on your home? Choose the best reason that fits the job that needs to be done.

Enter job details

To ensure you match with a Pro qualified to do your job, it's crucial to add detailed notes, photos, and videos (if that's your style) of the service needed at your property. In the notes, try to tell us exactly what went wrong and what needs to be done. All finished? Choose the job location from your saved properties or enter a location.

When you're done adding job details, review the request overview to ensure everything looks good. This is where you’ll decide to send the job on-demand, or schedule for up to a week in advance. If you need the job done right now, tap Match with a Pro and your request will be sent to all qualified Pros in your area. If we're unable to find a Pro in the area after 30 minutes, your request will time-out, and you'll be required to resubmit.

Match with a Pro

When a Pro accepts your request, you’ll immediately see their profile and be able to review their experience, average rating, and rates before you dispatch them to the location.

If everything looks good, tap Accept and Dispatch to inform the Pro that they can leave for the job.

Once the Pro leaves for the job, they'll use the in-app GPS to navigate to the job site. You’ll be able to track where they are and if they stop to get materials. Once they’ve arrived, they’ll mark themselves on-site, introduce themselves and show you their HOMEE badge, and set expectations for the job.

Track Job Progress

When the Pro is ready to get to work, they'll start their timer. You'll be required to approve the timer's start to ensure that you're also ready for the work to begin.

Once the timer starts, you'll have full transparency into the Pro’s progress, down to the minute, and see anytime they change the status to take a break or get materials. Even better – you'll know the job's cost in real-time, only paying for time your Pro is actively working.

When the Pro is ready to complete the job, they’ll begin cleaning up the site and preparing the final receipt. During this time, the status in the app will change to completing.

Final Job Checklist

As soon as the job is complete, you’ll receive a receipt from the Pro with pictures of the work done, notes on the problem, how they fixed it, and a breakdown of the time spent, their rates, and any materials used.

It’s important to review the work completed alongside the receipt to confirm they achieved what you wanted before accepting the receipt.

If everything looks good, add a promo code if you have one and tip the Pro if they did a great job. The full job cost will be charged to the credit card on file.

To finalize the job, rate your experience with the Pro and favorite them if you want them to receive priority on future requests.

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