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Schedule a Job

Are you looking to schedule a job for a future date? No problem! In the HOMEE app, you can schedule jobs for up to a week in advance.

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Scheduled jobs are released to the network 2 hours before your designated arrival window.

To schedule a job in the HOMEE app:

  1. Open the HOMEE app.

  2. Under the Request Service tab, select a service.

  3. Select a reason for the service, then tap Next.

  4. Add detailed notes, photos, and videos of the service needed, then tap Next.

  5. Enter the job location or select one from the list of saved properties, then tap Next.

  6. Tap the pencil icon next to Scheduled Request, then tap Schedule.

  7. Select a date and time, then tap Save.

  8. Review the job overview, then tap Schedule Request.

To schedule a job in Workshop:

  1. From any Jobs page, click + Add Work Order.

  2. Confirm that the selected Organization and Manager is correct.

  3. Enter the job location or select an existing property.

  4. Enter the resident name and phone number if relevant, then click Next.

  5. Enter a reference number, if relevant.

  6. Select a priority.

  7. Select a service and a reason.

  8. Enter details about your request and add attachments to help us select the best Pro for the job, then click Next.

  9. Select Send to Network and choose the network type. You can also select Send to Pro to send the job to a specific Pro.

  10. Click the Scheduled Release checkbox, then select a date and time.

  11. Enter a not-to-exceed amount, then click Next.

  12. Review the work order details, then click Send.

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