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You can now request estimates for any service in the HOMEE app and get real prices from Pros in your area before committing to a job.

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Request an Estimate

Select a service and a reason

If you’ve been wanting to complete a job at your home or managed property but want to see how much it’ll cost first – you’re in luck. Consumers can now select any service in the HOMEE app and receive an estimate.

To get started, choose a service from the home screen that aligns with the estimate you are requesting. Once you select a relevant service, choose estimate under the list of reasons. You’ll follow the same process if you’re looking to request an estimate when creating a work order in Workshop.

Enter job details

To ensure you match with a qualified Pro that will create an accurate estimate, and complete your job successfully, add detailed notes, photos, and videos of the service needed. In the notes, tell us exactly what you'd like the Pro to estimate. These details will help the Pro understand the scope of work, how long the job will take, and how complex it will be.

Next, choose a job location from your saved properties or enter a different address. When you're done adding job details, review the estimate overview to ensure everything looks good and select if you want to send the request on-demand or schedule for up to a week in advance. Then, tap Match with a Pro, and your request will be sent to all qualified Pros in your area.

Match with a Pro

Once a Pro accepts your request, you’ll see their profile and be able to review their experience, average rating, and dispatch fee before you dispatch them to your location. Since this is an estimate vs. a regular job, you’ll only pay a dispatch fee. If you accept the estimate (more on that below), that’s when you’ll pay the costs associated with the work at the completion of the job.

If everything looks good, tap Accept and Dispatch to let the Pro know they can leave for the job.

Track the Progress of Your Estimate

When the Pro arrives and is ready to get started, they'll confirm the job expectations with you first and begin the estimate process. You'll be able to track their progress in-app. Keep in mind – no actual work is completed at this point; they are merely compiling an estimate to do the work.

When they're done, they'll compile a scope of work and send it to our team for initial review. During this review, we check the reasonableness of the estimate in relation to the original request. If edits are needed, we'll communicate those directly with the Pro. This process can typically take up to 2-3 business days. If on-site approval is required, make sure to let the Pro know right away so that they can communicate this to our team.

Once we approve the estimate, you'll be notified that the estimate is ready for your review.

Review the Estimate

The estimate is ready – now what? As soon as you click Review Estimate, you'll see a step-by-step breakdown of the scope of work, labor and materials costs, and the estimated time to complete your job. Your estimate will be good for 14 days. In this time, if you decide to approve or decline the estimate, you can go back to the Jobs menu at any time and access the estimate. If you decline the job, you'll just pay the dispatch fee.

If the price is right and you're ready for the Pro to get to work, approve the estimate, and a flat rate job will automatically be created and added to the Pro's queue. The estimate will be attached to the job and include the agreed-upon price. The dispatch fee will be waived for this job.

Coordinate & Complete the Estimate Work

When the Pro is ready to start work on your estimate job, they will reach out to coordinate a time.

They'll be able to start work right away when they arrive back on-site, and you can track their progress in-app. If anything unexpected is found during the job, you'll be notified before additional work is completed. If you’re looking to add to the job after estimate approval, a new estimate or job will need to be created.

Once the estimated work is done, you'll receive a detailed receipt with notes and photos of the job completed and the estimate total. It’s important to review the work completed alongside the receipt and estimate to make sure it meets your expectations.

If the job was successful, approve the receipt and rate your overall experience with the Pro from when they created the estimate to when they completed the job.

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