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Estimate Guidelines

When creating an estimate, Pros must follow specific guidelines to ensure their estimate gets approved by HOMEE and consumers or partners.

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We do not accept lump-sum bids. When organizing your estimate, Pros must break out each step of the job as a separate line item. Each line item that makes up an estimate must meet the following requirements:


  • Include a clear name for the step of the job.

  • Include a full description of the work to be completed in enough detail to justify the estimate. If there are special circumstances, hidden damage, multiple Pros needed to complete the job, etc. – these will need to be addressed here and considered in the labor cost.

  • Include the range of time (in minutes or hours) required to complete each step of the job. This won’t affect your estimate price but will inform the consumer, so they understand the total time duration required to complete the work.

Labor Cost

  • Labor costs should be based on your HOMEE labor rate multiplied by the time you think it'll take to do the job.

  • If an assistant is needed, make sure to add a modest addition to the cost to complete this step. The assistant must also be a HOMEE, background-checked, and covered by insurance.


  • If relevant, include specific dimensions/measurements (sq ft of drywall, sq ft of paint, linear feet of PVC, squares of roofing, etc.)


You’ll include photos in the General Info section of your estimate and for each step.

  • Include a minimum of 3-5 photos of each affected area and where work is needed.

  • Be sure photos are clear, and there are sufficient notes, so the reviewer knows what they are looking at.


  • Include a detailed list of the parts needed for each step, including the quantity and a fair-market price/unit. Brush up on our best practices for purchasing and pricing materials. When you complete the actual job, if you didn’t need all the materials you originally estimated, you can remove them from the final receipt.

  • For appliances, specify the make and model.

  • Include the cost for any permits that will be required, and any disposal or dumpster charges related to debris or appliance removal.


  • If the consumer requests replacements that are not of the same make/style/quality of what they currently have (i.e. upgraded carpet, more expensive stove, upgraded brand of plumbing, add backsplash, etc.), those must be estimated separately as an optional upgrade.

Estimates submitted through the HOMEE Pro app are reviewed within 2-3 business days. If you were instructed to submit the estimate for on-site approval, after sending, contact your HOMEE representative and let them know the bid is awaiting approval.

Ready to get started? Get inspired by reviewing a sample estimate or brushing up on the process for creating an estimate.

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