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Pros can now offer estimates for any service in the HOMEE Pro app. Learn the basics of creating an estimate, then completing the work.

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By providing consumers with an estimate on one of their projects, you’re giving them visibility into every step involved with a job and the cost it’ll take to complete it. They can choose to accept your estimate right away and start the job with you or decline and shop around.

Accept an Estimate Request

Like taking jobs on the HOMEE network, we'll automatically send you estimate requests based on your location and trade. When you receive a request, review the location, service needed, and notes and photos to ensure you're qualified to provide an accurate, competitive estimate. If you are, select your departure time (or queue the job if it’s scheduled, paying special attention to the scheduled date and time). If not, decline the request and choose a reason.

Since no work is being completed in the estimate process, you are only paid your dispatch fee. If your estimate is approved, you’ll be paid for what was included in the scope of the estimate when you complete the work.

Navigate to the Job

Once the consumer reviews your profile and accepts your dispatch fee, you’ll be notified immediately. When you're ready to leave, use the in-app GPS to navigate to the property. Once you arrive, mark yourself on-site, introduce yourself to the consumer, confirm the estimate's expectations, show them your HOMEE badge, and start your estimate.

Create the Estimate

Before you create your first estimate, it’s important to review our estimate guidelines to ensure your estimate gets approved by the HOMEE team and consumers or partners. Keep in mind, this is just an estimate; no actual work should be done until the consumer approves the final estimate.

General Info

Take photos of the front of the property when you arrive, and photos of the affected area and where work is needed. Add at least 2 photos to the General Info section.

If you’ll be able to start the job today should your estimate be approved, indicate that by switching the “Can you start today” toggle to Yes.


We do not accept lump-sum bids. Each part of the job needs to be separated out in an itemized list. This will help the consumer understand each step of the process and give them a clearer idea of the costs involved at each phase. Each item should include:

  • Name (overarching task that needs to be completed)

  • Recommended Solution (a description of the work)

  • Time to Complete Recommended Solution (in minutes or hours)

  • Labor Cost (Your HOMEE labor rate multiplied by the time you think it'll take to do the job. If an assistant is needed, make sure to add a modest addition to the cost). The assistant must also be a HOMEE, background-checked, and covered by insurance.

  • Measurements (sq ft of drywall, sq ft of paint, height of the tree to be removed, etc.)

  • Photos (3-5 of each area)

  • Materials (Name of the item, quantity, and fair-market price/unit)

Need some inspiration on how estimates should be structured? Check out the sample below.

Once you’ve filled in this information for each step of the job, review the estimate to ensure each section and the final cost are consistent with the original request. If everything looks good, send the estimate.

After you send your estimate, you can go about your day and accept other jobs. The HOMEE team will review the estimate for reasonableness in relation to the original request before sending it to the consumer or partner. This process might take up to 2-3 business days. If the estimate is deemed excessive or off scope, our team will reach out to you with suggested edits. If the estimate is aligned with the original request, our team will approve, and the consumer or partner will automatically be notified that the estimate is ready for their review. They will have 14 days to accept or decline. Learn more about what we look for when reviewing estimates here.

Winning the Bid

You'll be notified if the consumer or partner accepts or declines your estimate. If they accept, a flat rate job (with just the estimate cost, no dispatch fee) will automatically be created for you and added to your queue.

When you're ready to start the job, coordinate a time with the consumer, then follow the steps for taking a job on the HOMEE network.

If the consumer requests additions to the job or if the scope increases after you start work, a new estimate or job must be started to account for these changes.

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