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How to Take a Job

As a HOMEE Pro, you can work anytime, anywhere. Once you're registered, you can begin taking jobs and earning money by going online.

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Start Your Day

As soon as you switch the toggle on the home screen to online, you'll begin receiving job requests. Before going online, make sure to choose the correct mode: independent or company. If you've added a company code to your profile, you'll see your company listed in the dropdown.

Accept Jobs

We'll automatically send you jobs based on your location and trade, and you'll know right away if it's an on-demand or scheduled job. Review the location, service needed, and detailed notes and photos to ensure you're qualified to take the job. If you are, select your departure time. If not, decline the request and choose a reason.

Scheduled jobs are released to the network 2 hours before the 1-hour arrival window. When you see a scheduled request come through, it's important to make sure that you can arrive within that window, considering the other jobs you may have in your queue.

Before you accept the request, you'll also see what you'll be paid. The dispatch fee is the one-time fee applied to every job and covers you getting to the job. The rate per minute is based on your years of experience and what you'll receive for the actual time spent working. You'll receive 100% of your rate + dispatch (and any tips if you do a great job).

Navigate to the Job

If the consumer accepts you to take their job, you'll be notified immediately. When you're ready to leave, use the in-app GPS to navigate to the property. If you know what you'll need prior to getting on-site, you can add a stop to purchase materials or do this later once you assess the problem more closely.

Once you arrive, mark yourself on-site, introduce yourself to the consumer, show them your HOMEE badge and set expectations, and then get setup. When you're ready to start working, start the timer. The consumer will need to approve the timer start to ensure all parties are prepared for the work to begin. Once they do, it's go time.

Get to Work

Your timer will run the extent of the job, down to the minute, and consumers will be able to track your progress in the HOMEE app.

When using the timer:

  • Hit pause – if you need to take a break or go pick up materials. When you're back to the site, hit resume.

  • Hit pause, then suspend if you can't complete the job that day and need to come back later. This puts the job on hold and allows you to pick accept other requests. View best practices for suspending a job.

  • Hit pause, then complete – if you're done with the job and ready to send the receipt to the consumer.

When you're ready to complete the job, clean up your site and prepare the final receipt. Add any materials you purchased in itemized format or skip if you didn't need any. Next, and most importantly, add notes and photos taken during the job.

Good notes include:

  1. Starting with the problem...upon arrival, XYZ was wrong.

  2. A quick diagnosis of what you found.

  3. A conclusion of how you fixed the problem.

When adding photos, we recommend including 5 pictures before the job, 5 pictures during, and 5 pictures after. In the before photos, it’s always good to add a picture of the house number or mailbox to keep your jobs organized. Video is a great option too!

Review the final receipt to make sure everything looks good, then send it to the consumer to approve. On the receipt, you'll see a breakdown of:

  • Time spent on the job

  • Your rates

  • Materials purchased

  • Insurance deductions (if relevant)

Once the consumer approves the receipt, you'll receive a notification and if they left you a tip! To finalize the job on your end, rate your experience with the consumer.

They’ll finalize the job on their end by rating their experience with you. Upon job close, you'll be paid within 72 hours.

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