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Getting Your Estimate Approved
Getting Your Estimate Approved

Before an estimate is sent to the consumer for review, the HOMEE team must approve. Here's what we look for when reviewing your estimate.

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After you've completed an estimate and hit send, you can go about your day and accept other jobs. Estimates should be completed and sent immediately, no more than 24 hours after leaving the jobsite. Upon sending, the HOMEE team reviews it first before sending it to the consumer.

The HOMEE team reviews all estimates for reasonableness in relation to the original request. When an estimate approval request comes through, our team will be notified immediately. We look at the following when approving estimates:

  1. Each area/item of the job is documented individually.

    For example: If you need to demo a wall, repair a leaking pipe, and then put back what you demoed, we will need to see those listed as 3 separate items.

  2. Each step of the job has a clear name and a detailed solution.

  3. The time to complete the job is consistent with your experience and industry standards. If you listed that a helper is needed for a specific step, we'd also check to ensure its included in the hours and labor cost.

  4. The labor costs are consistent with your HOMEE rate.

    Our team will cross-reference the years of experience and trades listed on your profile to ensure each item's labor costs are fair.

  5. Detailed measurements are included in the appropriate format (sq ft, linear ft, gallons, etc.) and align with each item.

    We pay special attention to the way measurements are listed since they inform what materials are needed and drive coverage determinations for HOMEE partners.

  6. If more than one Pro is needed, the number of workers is included in the additional notes for each step. All workers on a job site must be on the HOMEE network, background-checked, and covered by insurance.

  7. The materials added are relevant to the job, itemized, and are entered at your cost. No retail markup is allowed.

  8. Sufficient photos are included that address the problem.

    There is a photo of the front of the house included in the General Info section showing the unit, house #, or the mailbox.

If there are issues with your estimate, the HOMEE team will reach out to you directly to discuss any edits that need to be made on your end. If edits are requested, you can make these by going back to the estimate and tapping Edit, making the updates, then tapping Update Estimate.

To ensure your estimate gets approved and you win the bid, follow the estimate guidelines.

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