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Best Practices for Job Notes & Photos
Best Practices for Job Notes & Photos

This article outlines the best practices for job notes and photos that should be included with every job a Pro takes.

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You are required to leave detailed notes and take high-quality photos for every job you take. Detailed notes are extremely important as they help our team determine your work quality and help the consumer understand the initial problem and how you resolved it. Failure to leave proper notes and photos will delay the job's closing and how soon you get paid.

Below we lay out best practices for notes and photos included with your job.


  • Use full sentences – explain the issue, diagnosis, what tools you used to understand the issue, the repair recommendation, what you did to repair the problem, and next steps (if any).

βœ… Do

❌ Don't

When I arrived at the property, I assessed the driveway to see the damage and what cracks needed to be filled. Once I had a game plan, I cleaned the old driveway, mixed the concrete mix, and filled in the cracks. I let this dry overnight, then came back the next day to reseal. The concrete driveway was successfully repaired and is ready for use. I would recommend resealing every 5 years.

Repaired concrete driveway.

  • Add exact parts/number(s) for the repair OR what needs to be special ordered (if relevant)

  • Do not add pricing information. All pricing information should be added to an estimate. Learn about creating an estimate here.

  • Do not add any personal feelings/information about the consumer – good or bad.


  • Take 5 pictures before the job, 5 pictures during the job, and 5 pictures after the job. Make sure one of the pictures is of the house or mailbox number

  • Make sure the pictures are in focus with good lighting

  • Arrange the pictures in order of how the job was completed

  • Do not upload pictures of estimates or receipts

Following these best practices will ensure both you and the consumer have the best experience possible and expedite your payment.

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