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Here's how to check if your HOMEE Pro application is complete and see if you are cleared to go online and take jobs on our network.

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Checking your application status can be done right in the HOMEE Pro app. Follow the steps below to find out if you are cleared to go online.

➡️ Open the HOMEE Pro app.

If you are missing items, a “Before You Get Started” screen will appear, showing you outstanding action items you'll need to complete before going online. Click each item to learn more and complete the tasks. Need help? Learn how to:

Before You Get Started

You can also ensure nothing is missing from your profile, preventing your account from being approved, like your background check and identity verification. To check the status of these pieces:

  1. Tap the Menu.

  2. Select your profile.

  3. Under the Background Check section, view your status. To go online and start taking jobs, the status will need to be cleared.

    The following are other statuses that your account could have:

    Pending: your background check is processing (this is the most common status right when you sign-up).
    Cleared: you passed your background check and can go online and begin
    taking jobs 🎉
    Considered: an issue was found with your background check, and your
    account needs to be further considered. Checkr (our background check
    partner) will send you an email directly with the next steps.
    Declined: you did not pass your background check and will not be able to go
    online and take jobs. Checkr will send you an email directly with additional

    Background checks can be cleared within minutes or take up to 3 days, depending on how many countries and states you have lived. Because of COVID-19, some background checks may take up to two weeks to complete. If your background check still has not cleared after this timeframe, reach out to our team to troubleshoot the issue.

  4. Under Documents, view your ID verification status. To go online and start taking jobs, the status will need to be complete.

Check Application Status

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