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Job Extensions

When a Pro reaches an NTE limit for a property, they must request a job extension if additional work needs to be completed.

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Once an NTE limit is reached, depending on how much work is left to do, Pros can request an extension for time, materials, or time and materials. The Pro will need to identify the extension type, amount, and remaining tasks left on the job and then send it to the property manager for approval before continuing work. The property manager can either approve or deny the request. While the Pro is awaiting approval on the extension, the job will be suspended

Job Extension Declined

If the property manager denies the extension request, the Pro will need to complete the job as-is and close out the request.

Job Extension Approved

If the property manager approves the extension request, the Pro can continue the job and navigate back to the jobsite. The resident or property manager will need to restart the timer once the Pro is ready to begin work again.

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