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Job Statuses (HOMEE Pro app)
Job Statuses (HOMEE Pro app)

As a Pro, you can keep track of jobs by checking the status. In this article, we cover the types of job statuses in the HOMEE Pro app.

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You can view the status of a job in the HOMEE app on the Jobs page. The job status will display at the bottom left of each job card. When you open the job, you’ll also see the status displayed on the top bar of the active job view. Job statuses include:

  • Request: A consumer has requested an estimate or job.

  • Request Accepted: You have accepted the job or estimate request.

  • Queued: You accepted the job, and it is in your list of jobs to complete.

  • En Route: You are on your way to the jobsite.

  • On-site: You are on-site and getting ready to start work.

  • Waiting Approval: You have requested to start the job timer and are waiting for the consumer to approve.

  • In Progress: You are actively working on the jobsite.

  • Paused: You paused the timer and are not actively working.

  • Resume Requested: You have requested to resume the timer.

  • Suspend Requested: You have requested to suspend the job.

  • Suspended: The job is suspended.

  • Unsuspend Requested: You have requested to resume a suspended job.

  • Unsuspend Accepted: The consumer approved your request to resume a suspended job.

  • Estimate Sent: You completed an estimate and sent it to the HOMEE team for review.

  • Estimate Accepted: The consumer accepted your estimate.

  • Estimate Declined: The consumer declined your estimate.

  • Completing: You are done working and are preparing the final receipt.

  • Terminate Requested: The consumer requested to terminate an active job.

  • Terminate Accept: You approved the consumer’s request to terminate an active job.

  • Receipt In-Progress: You have added the final list of materials to the receipt.

  • Receipt Submitted: You have sent the receipt to the consumer.

  • Cancelled: The job is cancelled.

  • Completed: The consumer accepted the receipt, and your job is complete.

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