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Assignments Table Filtering
Assignments Table Filtering
Written by Isaac Myman
Updated over a week ago
  1. Login to WS 2.0 or navigate to the assignments table

  2. You can filter 1 of 2 ways

Filter Option 1

  1. The first is to use the filter button in the top right

  2. If you click this it will open a filter window where you can apply filters based on criteria

  3. Start by selecting the column you want to filter

  4. Select the operator from either contains or equals

    1. Equals means the value will need to be exact

      1. Ex. If I filter by Carrier equals 'Liberty' I will not get back any results unless I change the value to 'Liberty Mutual Insurance Group'

    2. Contains means the results will contain whatever the filter value is

      1. Ex. If I filter by Carrier contains 'Liberty' then I will get all Liberty Mutual Claims

  5. I can then add additional filters for any of the existing columns by clicking

    "+ Add Filter"

    1. Ex. I want to see all Liberty Mutual assignments in Florida

      1. I would first filter by Carrier Equals Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

      2. I would add another filter and select 'And' from the And/Or dropdown

      3. Then I would select the column State the operator Equals and enter the value FL

      4. I would then see all assignments where the carrier is Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and the assignment is in FL

Filter Option 2

  1. You can also hover over the column header

  2. Then click on the 3 vertical dots and select filter

  3. Then you can proceed with the same steps as you did for Filter Option 1

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