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How to Browse the Marketplace by CAT Event
How to Browse the Marketplace by CAT Event
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Browsing the marketplace by CAT events allows you to view CAT events in real time. CAT events communicate to the marketplace resources what the carriers needs are to support them in the event. In order to received claims you must first be accepted to participate in a carriers CAT event. Once a request is made to participate in a CAT event, your organization's credentials is sent to participating carriers and you will be notified of approval through email notification.

  1. Log into your MyCAT Marketplace account

  2. Select Marketplace on the navigation pane

Click By CAT Events to display available CAT events

The Performance Expectations section provides carrier requirements by trade

The Carrier Details section provides information about CAT Service Area, Program Specs, and Credentialing requirements

NOTE: Participation in a CAT event is determined by your service area and services matching those included in the CAT event. A notification message will display if your company does not qualify for a requested CAT event.

***Request submissions do not automatically grant participation in the CAT event. Carrier approval is required!!

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