How to Add My Google Ratings

This article outlines adding your Google ratings to your MyCAT Marketplaces account

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Carriers seek out social proof to ensure they're working with reputable contractors especially in a marketplace of resources. Providing social media ratings is a great way to build your social proof beyond the information available in MyCAT. MyCAT is built around customer choice so social media ratings could be the key difference between a customer choosing your company or your competition. They're making the right decisions concerning the right contractor for the right claims, when the proof is right in front of them, you prevent the carrier from going elsewhere. When potential carriers search your business name on MyCAT Marketplace, they can quickly access your reviews. Follow the steps below to add your Google ratings.

  1. Sign in to the MyCAT Marketplace site through your web browser

  2. Click on the Profile dropdown through the navigation pane

  3. Click Profile Banner section

  4. Selects “Google” from the Social Media Sites dropdown

  5. Provide the Google Business Page URL to the Social Media Sites text field in the Profile banner section

  6. Click on Save Changes button

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