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How to Invite Users to MyCAT Marketplace
How to Invite Users to MyCAT Marketplace
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The Custom Invite Users section allows you to invite others in your organization to the MYCAT Marketplace. You can invite users through the Profile Banner section

  1. Log into your MyCAT Marketplace account through your web browser

  2. Click the Profile drop-down on the navigation pane

  3. Select Profile Banner

  4. Scroll to the Custom Invite Users section

  5. Click the Select drop down to add desired email addresses

  6. Click Employee to establish the role of the individual in your organization

  7. Click Add a Custom Message to create your own message

    1. Leave the Add a message box unchecked to choose an automated generated message

  8. Click Send Invites to send the link

Note: Once the user registers, they will appear in your company's hierarchy. This will show your company's direct report relationships. In the event the registration email does not appear in the users inbox please ask them to check their junk and/or spam folders.

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