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How to Create a MyCAT Account for Contractors
How to Create a MyCAT Account for Contractors

This article outlines how to signup for a MyCAT Marketplace account.

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  1. Go to the MyCAT Marketplace website on your browser.

  2. On the Welcome page select Sign Up

  3. On the Let's Get Started page enter your email address

  4. Create an 8-character password. Passwords must include:

    1. At least 1 number(s)

    2. At least 1 lowercase letter(s)

    3. At least 1 uppercase letter(s)

    4. Does not include part of the username

  5. Confirm your password

  6. Enter your first name

  7. Enter your last name

  8. Select Next to continue

  9. Select your account type

  10. Confirm you would like to create a MyCAT account by selecting Create Account

Establish Your Account Type

  1. Choose Contractor If you specialize in insurance restoration ranging from emergency mitigation to commercial roofing

  2. Choose Carrier If you represent an insurance carrier and looking to connect to services

  3. Choose Support Services If you specialize in support services such as independent adjusting, estimating or consulting

Identify Services You Want to Provide

Select services you would like to advertise in the marketplace to carriers. These services can be updated at anytime in your profile.

Service options are divided into 4 sections: Commercial Services, Emergency Services, Restoration Services, and Expert Services.

Once your services have been established, click Select to save your information.

You will receive a confirmation message when you have successfully completed your Account Setup.

You can now browse the marketplace!

Ready to create your MyCAT Marketplace account? Click the button below to get started.

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