How to Complete a Job

When working on a repair job you will need to complete your job by submitting some information to HOMEE.

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Providing closing documentation will ensure you get paid faster. Use the below job closure checklist to ensure you provide us with everything we need to close the Job.

  • Confirm satisfaction with the policyholder before leaving the property.

  • Advise the policyholder a HOMEE Rep will send a Certificate of Satisfaction (COS) for them to sign.

  • Provide all signed selections and change order documents.

  • Provide adequate completion photos.

  • Have the policyholder sign your company's COS

Note: To complete a job the job has to be scheduled and in the status of "In Progress".

Closing a job in Pro Portal

  1. Log into your Pro Portal account through your browser

  2. Open the applicable job.

  3. Click the Repair tab.

  4. Click Upload Documents to provide closing information.

  5. Click the photo icon to provide completion photos.

  6. Click the Job Notes text box to provide closing notes.

  7. Click Complete Job to notify HOMEE of job completion.

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