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How to Upload an Estimate

This article will outline how to upload a Xactimate or Symbility estimate

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  1. Log into your Pro Portal account through your web browser

  2. Click the right arrow on the applicable job to open the job details page

  3. On the Job Details page, click the Estimate tab

  4. Click Start Estimate

  5. Click Upload Estimate to choose your document and click open

  6. Click the photo icon to add photos associated with the estimate.

    1. Provide a picture of the front of the home with the housing/building number.

    2. Provide photos of every affected room

    3. Photos must be labeled according to room/illustrate damage associated with the loss.

    4. Provide overview photos of all affected rooms.

    5. Provide an image of the source/cause of the loss.

    6. Photos must be in JPG (.jpg) format

  7. Provide the Total Cost for Estimate in the text box

  8. Click Submit Estimate to provide your estimate to HOMEE

Note: An ESX file is required when submitting a Xactimate estimate. You must submit an estimate with having the job scheduled, assigned to a technician, and the job status updated to in progress or on-site.

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