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How to View Details of a Job/Claim
How to View Details of a Job/Claim

View the full details of a job/claim

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To view the details of a claim:

  1. Log in to your Pro Portal account from your web browser

  2. Select Job on the navigation menu on the left side of the screen to view your job list

    1. Click the arrow on the right side of the applicable claim to view job details.

    2. The top of the job details page includes the service type, your HOMEE representative, the claim number, job type, loss address, and the current claim status.

    3. Under the Job Type, you will have four primary tabs, Details and Estimates, Comments, and All Attachments.

  3. The Details tab contains comprehensive claim status information, including loss details, scheduled appointment date, assigned technician, policyholder contact information, and carrier information.

    1. Click the pencil icon to schedule/edit appointment dates or to assign/reassign a technician.

  4. The Estimates tab allows you to upload a Xactimate or Symbility estimate or create a manual line-item estimate. You can also view/upload photos, sketches, and measurements.

  5. The Comments tab contains notes with relevant claim information and updates. This section also allows you to communicate directly with HOMEE with any questions or concerns about the claim.

  6. The All Attachments tab contains original loss, estimate, and job repair photos; this section also allows you to provide additional documentation such as the certificate of satisfaction (COS), ESX files, job repair notes, ITEL reports, etc.

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