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How to Change a Role for an Employee
How to Change a Role for an Employee

Change a role on for one of your employees.

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Companies must maintain an accurate employee list to ensure that only authorized personnel can access HOMEE information and technology. Follow the below steps to change or assign a role to employees.

  1. Log into your Pro Portal account through your web browser

  2. Click the Company tab on the navigation pane on the left.

  3. Click Employee List

  4. Click the employee profile to open the employee detail page.

  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the employee role.

  6. Choose an employee role and click Save to keep your choice.


  • Admin: have access to everything. They can see Job Management Screen view all company jobs, view Company's Page, update their bank account and change and update employee roles.

  • Dispatcher: have access to all company jobs, assigning technicians, scheduling jobs, and view only for Company's Page and employee's page

  • Technician: Can only view and change the jobs they are assigned to

Note: Only admins can change roles for your employees.

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