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How do I get jobs?

Once you are invited to join the HOMEE network, you will be able to set up your account and start taking jobs.

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HOMEE provides jobs, not leads...for free. What does that mean? Think of the Uber model. HOMEE has an app for consumers (HOMEE app) and an app for Pros (HOMEE Pro app).

When consumers need their property serviced, they request a job in the HOMEE app and let us know where they need the job to be completed. This can either be an on-demand request or a scheduled request. Once the request is submitted, the job is sent to our network. Any Pro that is within 50 miles of the property and has the skillset needed, will receive the request. The first Pro that reviews the job, makes sure they are qualified, and selects when they can leave for the job gets to take it.

HOMEE does not find jobs for you.

Jobs are requested in real-time or scheduled for the future by our consumers, partners, and property managers.

How do I get a job?

When you log in to the HOMEE Pro app and are ready to start taking jobs, make sure to set yourself online and give us location permissions.

Go Online

Once you're online, you'll receive service requests when consumers place them. You'll be matched based on the services on your profile and your proximity to the consumer. Keep in mind that the number of jobs you receive is based on the consumers making requests. If you're in a market with a lower demand, it may take some time to receive a request.

The job request will disappear from the network once another Pro picks it up.

Where will I get jobs?

You can take jobs from anywhere in the United States. When you go online, you'll receive job requests based on your geolocation – up to a 50-mile radius from the job.

The number of jobs you'll receive as a Pro depends on your market and area.

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