Pros in a preferred network stand out amongst other Pros by setting a standard of excellence in their industry. They not only receive priority on job requests, but they also provide the highest quality of service on jobs.

To add Pros to a preferred network, Pros must (1) have a company associated with their profile, and (2) you must be a member of an organization. Once the above two items are complete,

  1. Open the HOMEE app.

  2. Tap the Menu, then select Networks.

  3. Under Preferred, tap Add Companies.

  4. Tap Add.

  5. Start typing the Pro's company name in the search box, then select the preferred company.

  6. Tap Choose Services to select the services you want to utilize the Pro for.

  7. Tap Save & Send to Pros.

The Pro will receive a notification letting them know that you want to add them to your preferred network. They will need to accept the request before they are officially added to your preferred network.

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