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How are rates calculated?

Curious what a job will cost and how those rates are determined? This article covers how HOMEE rates work for job requests.

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For typical job requests, rates are broken down by a dispatch fee and a by-the-minute labor fee.

If you request an estimate job, you will initially pay a dispatch fee. Then, if you approve the in-app estimate submitted by the Pro, you will pay the flat rate agreed-upon by you and the Pro after the job is complete.

Dispatch fee

This is a one-time, flat fee paid to the Pro for going to the job location. This will be included with every single job. You will see this dispatch rate before you request the job.

By-the-minute labor fee

Each job request has a rate calculated based on 4 factors:

  • Trade (Plumbing, HVAC, Handyman, Appliance, Electric, etc.)

  • Pro years of experience

  • Job location

  • Pro average job rating

You will see a range of rates when you request a job. This range is based on the available Pros in your area. The higher end of the range indicates Pros in your area with more years of experience and expertise.

Rates & Fees

When a Pro accepts your job request, you will see their exact dispatch fee and by-the-minute rate. You'll then be able to accept that Pro based on the rate shown. If you aren't comfortable with the rates offered, you'll need to cancel and resend the request for other Pros to pickup.

Dispatch Fee + Rate/Minute Breakdown

When your Pro arrives and begins work, you’ll approve the start of the timer. Your rate is then calculated down to the minute for the time it takes the Pro to complete the service; any time spent getting materials or breaks is not included, and your Pro will pause the timer during these times. You’ll be able to see the total job cost in real-time as the timer runs while the Pro is completing the job. Rate transparency is our thing!


When the job is complete, the Pro will stop the timer and add the cost of any materials used during the job. Materials will be included in your final job cost.

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