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Follow a Job

Focus your time and energy by following the maintenance requests you care about most. Learn about the perks of following a job here.

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When you Follow a Job, you subscribe to notifications about it. You can also filter by Followed Jobs on the Jobs table in Workshop.

How to Follow a Job

  1. From the Jobs table, click the 3-dot menu next to the job.

  2. Click Follow.

Nice work! Now that you’re following a job, you’ll receive key notifications about its progress. You can Unfollow a job at any time. Follow and unfollow are also available from the 3-dot menu on the job’s detail page.

Filter by Followed Jobs

  1. From the Jobs table, select the Followed Jobs filter.

  2. When selected, the table will display only the jobs that you follow.

Following jobs is the easiest way to manage your workload and notifications; you tell Workshop which jobs you care about!

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