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My Pro Didn't Show

If you requested a job and your Pro didn't show up, various factors could be at play. Here's what you can do to remedy the situation.

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We're so sorry for your inconvenience! Unfortunately, unforeseen issues do happen from time to time. If the Pro you matched with does not arrive at the agreed-upon time to start your job, please give them a 30-minute grace period. If the Pro still has not arrived after the grace period, reach out to the HOMEE team to report the missed appointment by calling (855) YO-HOMEE.

Our team will attempt to reach out to the Pro to ensure everything is okay and get to the bottom of the issue. There are multiple reasons a Pro could be running late.

  • Their previous job ran long, and they are trying to provide the best service to all customers.

  • They are having car trouble.

  • They are stuck in heavy traffic or got lost.

  • ...and more

In any situation, we will do our best to reschedule your job with the original Pro if they have a valid excuse or schedule your job with a new Pro at a convenient time for you.

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