Job History

Looking to review details for a completed job? Any user can access a job's history throughout the HOMEE product suite.

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View Job History

To view your job history in the apps:

  1. Open the HOMEE or HOMEE Pro app.

  2. Tap the Menu.

  3. Tap Jobs.

  4. Select the Closed tab.

  5. Select any job from your list of completed or cancelled jobs. These are sorted by date. You can also select the Open tab to see jobs that are still active.

    Tap Sort By at the top of the Jobs screen to sort your job history by job status, service type, and location. HOMEE Pros can also view their location history from the home screen by tapping any service pin on the map, then opening the full location history of an address.

To view your job history in Workshop:

  1. From the Jobs menu, select Completed. You can also view job history for other statuses in this menu too.

  2. Select any job from the your list of completed jobs in the table.

View Job History for Specific Properties

To view the job history for a specific property in the HOMEE app:

  1. Open the HOMEE app.

  2. Tap the Menu.

  3. Select your profile.

  4. Select a property.

  5. Tap Go to Job History to see all jobs completed at this location.

To view the job history for a specific property in Workshop:

  1. From Workshop, click your profile picture in the top right.

  2. Select a property.

  3. Under the jobs table, select any completed job to view the history.

Your job history is an evergreen and complete record of the maintenance work you’ve ordered or completed.

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