When you set up your property with HOMEE, a unique code is created – a property code. With this code, you give your residents the ability to request property maintenance and repair directly through the HOMEE app once they add your property code to their profile.

Property codes are a 6-character alphanumeric code and can be found in the HOMEE app and Workshop.

To view a property code in the HOMEE app:

  1. Open the HOMEE app.

  2. Tap the Menu.

  3. Select your profile.

  4. Select a property.

  5. Find the property code under the property address.

To view a property code in Workshop:

  1. From Workshop, click your profile picture in the top right.

  2. Select a property.

  3. Find the property code in the left sidebar by the property name.

Now that you've located where to find your property code, it's time to add residents to your property so they can start requesting jobs.

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