When you add a property to your account, your property owner allots a specific budget and home service options for you to request. This ensures that anytime you have a home service issue at your rental, you’re taken care of and have the freedom to request service on your own.

To request a job:

  1. Open the HOMEE app.

  2. Under the Request Service tab, select a service.

  3. Select a reason for the service, then tap Next.

  4. Add detailed notes, photos, and videos of the service needed, then tap Next.

  5. Select your job location from the list of saved properties, then tap Next.

  6. Review the job overview, then tap Get Approval.

    If your property manager requires approval on job requests before you match with a Pro, they will need to review the job, ensure it aligns with what’s covered in your lease, and approve the request. If they don’t require approval, you can skip this step and match with a Pro.

  7. Once approved, tap Match with a Pro.

  8. Once a Pro accepts the job, review their profile and tap Dispatch.

    When the Pro arrives and is ready to start working, they will start the timer on their end. You’re required to approve the timer’s start before they can begin.

  9. Tap Start Timer.

    If your property manager established a not-to-exceed (NTE) limit for your property, and the Pro exceeds this during the job, they will need to request an extension from the property manager to continue work.

  10. Upon job completion, review the receipt and tap Approve.

    Your property manager will be responsible for the cost of the job.

  11. Rate the Pro and favorite if you want them to receive priority on future requests.

  12. Tap Submit.

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