View Jobs in Your Queue

With the job queue, Pros can accept a new request while working on an active job. Here's how you can view queued jobs and plan your day.

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To view queued jobs in HOMEE Pro app:

  1. Open the HOMEE Pro app.

  2. Tap the Menu.

  3. Tap Jobs.

  4. Under the Open tab, you’ll see your list of available jobs, including Queued.

Queued Jobs

If you're an in-house Pro, you can have unlimited queued jobs from your network. If you're not part of an in-house network, you can only have 1 queued job.

If you're working on an active job and receive a new request in your wheelhouse, you can accept the job by tapping Queue Job, and it'll automatically get added to your job list. The same happens if a work order is assigned to you. When you finish your active job, you'll be taken to your queued job list. Under Jobs, you'll also find your open and available requests.

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