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Pause Short Duration Insurance
Pause Short Duration Insurance

If you opt into short duration insurance, your coverage won't stop when you pause your job timer, only when you suspend or complete the job.

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Short duration insurance provides flexible coverage if you don't want to commit to an annual plan. Since coverage is broken down per job, it's important to know what happens to your policy throughout certain job phases.

Pausing Your Job

If you need to pause your timer on an active job, your short duration insurance will remain active. Since the pause status is meant to be used for short-term breaks, and no other jobs can be taken while in this state, your policy will continue to run until you complete the job.

Suspending Your Job

If you need to suspend your job and come back later, your short duration insurance will also stop. Since jobs can be suspended for long periods of time, your policy will stop, so you aren't charged while you're not working on that specific job. When you unsuspend, a new policy begins. You'll see each policy broken down on the final receipt.

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