Did you have an issue with your job? We're so sorry! We're here and ready to remedy the situation. We not only provide a standard warranty of work for one year, but we also maintain general liability insurance that can be used in excess after a Pro’s insurance has been exhausted. We also guarantee your satisfaction up to $1,000 in labor and materials.

What does the HOMEE Service Guarantee cover?

The HOMEE Service Guarantee covers disputes of workmanship, NOT warranty repairs or insurance claims.

How should I request coverage?

If you aren’t satisfied with the work performed, please email support within 48 hours describing what happened and the unsatisfactory work. We will intervene by:

  1. Requesting remedy from the Pro
    As outlined in the HOMEE Provider Online Service Terms, independent Pros accepting jobs on the HOMEE network maintain the primary responsibility of ensuring the workmanship of all jobs they perform. In the event of a dispute, we will help mediate a satisfactory resolution between you and the Pro who completed the request.

  2. Facilitating remedy from a different Pro
    If a Pro is unable or unwilling to remedy the unsatisfactory work, we will intervene as necessary up to $1,000 in labor and materials to make it right.

In addition to guarantee we provide on our services, we also pre-screen and background-check every Pro on our network.

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