So, you’ve sent a job request to the network. Great! It typically takes less than 30 minutes for a Pro to accept a request. While you wait for a Pro to accept your request, you can check the status of your job in the Jobs section of the HOMEE app.

  1. Tap the Menu.

  2. Tap Jobs.

  3. Find your job in the Open tab. The status will be Matching.

If a Pro hasn't accepted your request after 30 minutes, you're not completely out of luck. Make sure you have app notifications turned on for HOMEE. After 30 minutes, we'll send you a push notification to let you know your request has timed out.

To re-request your job:

  1. Tap the notification that says, "This service request has timed out."

  2. Tap Re-Request Job.

  3. Verify your request details are still correct, then tap Match with a Pro.

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