Looking for more information on how rates work when you register to take jobs as a HOMEE Pro? This article is for you, and we're glad you're here!

What we'll cover:

What's in Your Rate

Rates for jobs taken on the open network are broken down by a dispatch fee and a by-the-minute labor fee. Unless a job is flat rate (more on this below), they are timed and paid down to the minute. Payment is dispersed via direct deposit within 72 hours of job completion.

How Rates Work

Dispatch fee

This is a one-time, flat fee that Pros are paid for going to the job location. This will be included with every single job.

By-the-minute labor fee

Your timer starts after you arrive at the job location and begin work. You are paid down to the minute for the time it takes to complete the service; any time spent getting materials or breaks is not included. By-the-minute rates are set when you sign up for an account and cannot be edited. These rates are based on your trade, years of experience, location, and average job rating. It always pays to strive for 5-star reviews ⭐

To view your rates:

  1. Open the HOMEE Pro app.

  2. Tap + Show My Rates from the home screen.

Flat rate jobs

Certain jobs won't be priced down to the minute. These include flat-rate jobs. Any service we offer can be a flat rate job, but we typically set these rates for jobs that have an estimate or pre-negotiated pricing. For these jobs, the Pro gets paid a flat rate that bundles the dispatch fee into an agreed-upon price.

Managed Workforce Rates

Employees who are a part of a managed workforce get access to their company's benefits like trade licensure and General Liability insurance. They also inherit their company's rates. Suppose the company they work for has 25 years of experience, and the employee doing the job only has 10. The employee will be paid a dispatch fee and by-the-minute labor fee consistent with the company's experience.

Network Pricing

Pros are subject to HOMEE's standard rates and dispatch unless they are marked part of an in-house or preferred network.

In-house Network

Pros part of an in-house network work for an organization and are on that organization's payroll. They use the HOMEE Pro app to manage their job requests, but are not paid through the app.

Preferred Network

Organizations can add Pros to their preferred network to give them exclusive access to specific jobs. These Pros are not on the organization's payroll but have set, negotiated pricing based on their trade.

No fees are taken from a Pro's earnings to use our service – Pros receive 100% of what they are qualified to based on the requirements mentioned above. HOMEE only charges a service fee to consumers to request jobs on our platform. Learn more about our provider terms.

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